Success Story

Swachh Maharashtra Abhiyan - Leo

Leo Club's Drive - Clean India By 2019


Changes Enabled

  • Organizing beach clean up drives
  • Cleaning and beautification of railway station
  • Segregation and disposition of e-waste, organizing awareness campaigns on cleanliness 

About the Drive

Youth engagement is a meaningful participation and sustained involvement of a young person in an activity, with a focus outside of him or herself for the benefit of the community. The Hon. Chief Minister of Maharashtra, Devendra Fadnavis is encouraging the robust participation of the youth in the policy making and development of the State. The vibrancy, enthusiasm, fresh perspectives and perseverance of the youth can indeed act as a catalyst to ‘Transform Maharashtra’. Together, let’s act and work for ‘Vision Maharashtra 2025’,” said the CM.

Of the many youth organizations trying to bring a change in the society for the better, one is Leo Multiple District 3231 which is wing of Leo Club Program in Maharashtra trying to help in the upliftment the State by supporting the campaigns launched by the Government in various capacities. Leo’s of this Multiple District have actively participated in implementing and promoting The ‘Swachha Maharashtra Mission’ which is one the key initiatives of the Government.

To better explain this cause, The Hon. Chief Minister of Maharashtra, Mr. Devendra Fadnavis had initiated the 'Swachhtechi Saptapadi'. He had explained the term as seven steps to cleanliness that include extensive public participation, 100 per cent use of toilets, waste collection, classification, transport, scientific processing of wastes, processing of drainage water and creation of a 'Green Maharashtra'. The Leo Clubs through their young and dynamic members have taken commendable steps in adopting these practices and have also put considerable effort in urging citizens and other organizations to adopt the same.

To promote the cause of ‘Clean Maharashtra, Green Maharashtra’, the Leo’s have conducted varied initiatives. Activities include organizing beach clean up drives, cleaning and beautification of railway stations, segregation and disposition of e-waste, organizing awareness campaigns on cleanliness amongst various others.

As a medium of spreading awareness among the people to contribute to a healthy and clean environment, the Lions and Leos of Mumbai were closely involved in the planning and execution of what is now being considered the world's biggest clean up drive at the Versova Beach Jetty where more than 1300+ volunteers participated. On the 6th of September, the morning after the Ananth Chaturthi festival of our beloved Lord Ganesha, Leo Club of Jagdusha Hills along with Leo Club of Bombay Sarvodaya Nagar and Leo club of Ghatkopar Galaxy conducted a beach clean up at the Shivaji Park, Dadar while Leo Club of Juhu with more than 120 volunteers was out there on Juhu Beach, working since 5:30 in the morning to help the BMC make the beach waste free.

As a boost to the ‘Swachh Rail Mission’, The Leo Club of Ghatkopar in twinning with few other clubs had organized a massive clean up and beautification of Ghatkopar Railway Station. By wielding brooms in their hands, they showed the commitment of the youth towards building and sustaining a more hygienic environment. Another impressive initiative was conceptualized by a young enthusiast from Leo Club of Ghatkopar Galaxy who wanted to contribute towards e- waste collection and management. In this initiative, members of his club regularly conduct drives in which they go door-to-door and collect e-waste from their neighborhoods and later give the waste collected for recycling.

Most importantly, the Leo’s are constantly organizing innovative and informative sessions to sensitize and inspire not only other youngsters but the entire society. Roaring together, these energetic and responsible youth are heavily contributing in building a cleaner, healthier environment. With such enthusiasm around, ‘Clean India’ is not just a slogan but an achievable goal

- Written By Leo Priyanka Shah (CM Fellow)