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About Sahabhag

What is Sahabhag

With visionary leadership of Hon. Chief Minister Shri. Devendra Fadnavis, Maharashtra has initiated various citizen centric projects rapidly. Sahabhag is a digital platform to facilitate and encourage the participation of Citizens, Corporates, NGOs and other stakeholders of the society in these projects. Sahabhag will ensure gateway for peer to peer collaboration to encourage a positive impact on social well being of the society. It is an attempt to develop an ecosystem to bring transparency and visibility in execution of projects under various government flagship programs.

Different types of stakeholders of the society such as Individuals, Institutions, Media, Organizations, and Companies etc. can register themselves on Sahabhag portal to contribute to government initiatives in various capacities.

Registration on Sahabhag will allow users to get awareness and keep track of various initiatives/projects being executed by Government of Maharashtra. It will give users an opportunity to participate in these projects and work closely with the government in improving the delivery of services.

Objectives of Sahabhag

  • To support all stakeholders engaged in social development to foster sustainable growth.
  • To provide relief to the people in distress through flagship projects. With the effective implementation of these projects, the Sahabhag aims to uplift the economically weaker citizens of the society.
  • To facilitate exchange of experiences and ideas between various stakeholders for undertaking social initiatives.
  • To facilitate assistance directly or indirectly for activities which seek to promote social development
  • To collaborate and support, directly or indirectly, the initiative of any individual, group, organization or institution in fostering sustainable development.